Army captain on trial for robbery

December 8, 2008 2:22:41 PM PST
In San Jose, a decorated former army captain is on trial - accused of stealing prescription painkillers from two pharmacies, at gunpoint.

Former Captain Sargent Binkley went to Los Alto High and graduated from West Point. He's charged with armed robbery of a Walgreens in Mountain View and another in San Carlos in 2006.

In opening statements Monday morning, prosecutors say Binkley held a gun on Walgreens employees while forcing a pharmacist to gather several drugs - including vicoden, percocet and morphine.

Binkley's defense attorney admits he committed the robbery, but says Binkley had become hooked on prescription painkillers after an accident that dislocated his hip, while he was stationed in Honduras.

If convicted Binkley faces more than 12 years in prison.