Dame Edna's sausage pineapple surprise

Recipe: Sausage pineapple surprise


  • 6 plump pork sausages
  • Cooking fat
  • 6 large mushrooms
  • 6 golden slices of freshly tinned pineapple rings
  • Tomatoes halved
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Fry up the sossies in a little cooking fat until browned all over (turn well to avoid those horrid grey tummies). Remove from cooking fat, keeping them nice and hot somewhere. In the same cooking fat (already flecked with deliciously crisp sausage oozings) fry the pineapple rings on both sides until cooked through and soggy. Drain the rings on kitchen paper and keep them hot while you sizzleup the peeled mushrooms and tomatoes, adding a dollop of extra cooking fat if necessary; but be careful they do not break. Thrust each hot plump sausage cheekily through the hole of each pineapple slice and garnish with halved tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper. A spicy tomato sauce is optional.

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About Dame Edna:
Dame Edna Everage is probably the most popular and gifted woman in the world today: housewife, investigative journalist, social anthropologist, talk show host, swami, children's book illustrator, spin doctor, Megastar, and Icon. With Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman, she is one of a remarkable succession of female stars to emerge from Australia.

Her success Down Under was repeated in London with stage shows including "Housewife, Superstar", "A Night with Dame Edna" and countless command performances for the royal family. Her recent Broadway show, "Dame Edna: The Royal Tour" received the Tony Award for Live Theatrical Event and was met with unanimous critical acclaim. Television credits include the now legendary UK special, "A Night on Mt. Edna" and two series of her own innovative chat show, "The Dame Edna Experience", with special guests Cher, Robin Williams, Roseanne Barr, Sean Connery and Mel Gibson.

Her books include Dame Edna's Coffee Table Book, Dame Edna's Bedside Companion and her seminal autobiography, My Gorgeous Life, which is currently being adapting for the stage and screen.

Possibly Jewish, Dame Edna is a widow, with three grown children. She spends her time visiting world leaders and jet-setting between her homes in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Switzerland and Martha's Vineyard. She is the Founder and Governor of Friends of the Prostate and the creator of The World Prostate Olympics.

For more information, visit www.dame-edna.com

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