Menorah lit in honor of Mumbai victims


Both were killed in the Mumbai siege.

Members of the local Jewish community came here to union square to pay tribute to the couple.

Dozens of people showed up for the annual menorah lighting ceremony. Organizers lit the first candle as soon as the sun went down. They say every day as they light the menorah, they will be remembering the Holtzbergs, honoring their passion, their dedication and their sacrifice.

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka had lived in Mumbai since 2003 to work for Chabad, a Jewish outreach program.

They were in the Chabad Mumbai headquarters when terrorists took it over and killed five people.

Those honoring the couple Sunday said they were committed to making sure the Holtzbergs did not die in vain.

"It's an appropriate time, right after what happened in Mumbai, for us to light in our own homes a Hanukkah menorah and not just remember them, but add light just like they did with their lives," said Rabbi Peretz Mochkin.

The Holtzbergs leave behind a young son who was rescued during the siege. He is now living with his mother's parents in Israel.

Organizers say they will soon be moving to Mumbai to carry on the work of the Holtzbergs.

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