News laws going into effect Jan. 1


  • Starting January 1, 2009, GPS devices stuck to windshields will have to be placed in either corner of the windshield, not in the middle.

  • Fees will also go up on traffic tickets by $35, fix-it tickets by $15 and the court cost to attend traffic school goes up $25.

  • New vehicles brought into California within 12 months of their purchase will be subject to a use tax -- under which the state hopes to raise $20 million.

    Other new laws:

  • It will be illegal to publish the names and addresses of animal researchers.

  • People who recycle more than $100 worth of materials will face restrictions aimed at limiting theft from recycling bins.

  • And the state will create a system to train volunteers to help after oil spills, a response to the Cosco Busan disaster last year.

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