Recession-proof fashion tips

Recessionista Shopping & Styling Tips

-In a slow economy, women are more likely to do everything they can in order to get a "deal" on their clothes. However, when looking at clothes on sale, it's important to look at several factors before making a purchase:

  • Check the quality of the fabric. Is the weave tight or loose?
  • Look at the zipper; are there any puckers in the seams holding it in place?
  • Does the bottom of the zipper area buckle?
  • Also make sure to check any stress seams (areas where the clothing will have additional wear).

-Before buying something new, women should avoid making an impulse purchase that they will later regret by asking themselves:

  • Is it a basic staple of your wardrobe?
  • Do you own the necessary accessories to make this new blend of colors work?
  • Is this color or style going to be "out" in a year?

-Closet guilt - what happens when you own dozens of outfits but have "nothing to wear"

Kathy and her partner Janet created the "Fashion Fit Formula" for women who are constantly buying new items of clothing in search of the "perfect outfit." Using linear measurements, women can find out their best look when it comes to the length of their coats, pants, skirts, shirts and everything in between Once you use your Fashion Fit Formula to shop for new clothes, you can buy items that look proportionate on your body, eliminating the experience of feeling frumpy or outdated in your clothes.

Your tailor can be your best friend. Kathy advocates "updating" old clothes for a fraction of the price. Women can use their "Fashion Fit Formula" to determine the best fit for their clothes, and only spend $20-$30 to have items altered at the tailor.

Fashion Fit Formula
$99- $250

About Fashion Fit Formula:
Fashion Fit Formula, a Pivotal Edge, Inc. Company, was founded in 2003 by Janet Wood, CEO, and Kathy McFadden, President. The Fashion Fit Formula is dedicated to helping women around the world look and feel better about their appearance. The company has been designed and built for a global market. The company provides a service that will show women exactly where their clothes should fit based on a revolutionary mathematical formula. Janet Wood invented the mathematical clothing formula over 40 years ago, and has used it to transform the wardrobe of thousands of women. Ms. Wood retired from her professional career and turned a hobby into a business. An accomplished seamstress, Ms. Wood is experienced in pattern design, professional fitting and sewing for people with disabilities. Kathy McFadden spent 26 years in the construction trade association business. From 1985 to 1989 she held the position as Executive Director of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas, followed by fourteen years as Executive Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Metropolitan Washington until July 2003. After experiences results of Janet's formula she knew that this formula had to be taken to the world to help other women. Both women have had very successful careers in historically male dominated industries. Throughout their careers, they have helped other women obtain their career goals.

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