Local artist creates Obama pop-up box

January 21, 2009 7:14:04 PM PST
The nation's new commander-in-chief is popping up everywhere, and in this case, we mean that literally. It's called "Barack-in-the-box."

"We wanted to make something that was fun, yet was respectful and collectable you know, so that is commemorative," said Heather Courtney from Pop Art Creations.

Courtney is a San Jose artist and entrepreneur. She's been creating custom wooden pop up boxes for five years. They run for about $400.

Her Barack-in-the-Box is a mass production, manufactured in China, and plays "Hail to the Chief."

Now Heather and her husband are doing their own fist pump. At $29.95 on line sales are soaring.

"The first Barack order of 1,200 came in and I think was gone in 10 days," said David Manzo from Pop Art Creations.

The second order of 6,000 arrived last week, and already 2,000 are out the door.

Before there was Barack-in-the-Box, there was Hillary-in-the-Box, but as you know timing is everything.

The first effort came when the presidential campaign was in full swing and Hillary was a clear frontrunner. Heather and David put all of their savings into the launch, but success was hampered first by manufacturing delays and then a more permanent snag.

"When they finally did arrive about a week later, she suspended her campaign," said Courtney.

In the end, President Obama's historic journey has given new hope to an artist with her own dreams of making it big.

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