Destination weddings 101

January 30, 2009 5:44:07 PM PST
Save time and money without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams.Gary Helland's tips:
  • We're lucky to live in the Bay Area, which is surrounded by gorgeous areas. We have beautiful destinations just a car ride away: Monterey/Carmel, Lake Tahoe, Napa/Wine Country

  • If you're willing to fly, New York, Hawaii, Jamaica, Seattle and Mexico are also great places.

  • Destination weddings can be done year round, winter and summer, so there is really "no season." This way you can take advantage of "off times" and deals.

  • Destination weddings tend to be less stressful than "at-home" weddings.

  • Destination weddings cost less than at-home weddings. You can use the beauty of the location to cut back on décor. Not as many guests will attend because of the distance so you'll save on food and beverage cost. In general, food and beverages tend to be less money than city prices, so you're saving right there. And most destination wedding sites do not charge a site survey, which in and around the city can cost $1,500 - $10,000. That right there is why many people choose to take their wedding out of the city.

  • You can communicate via email and phone, so the distance is never an issue.

  • You can build in your honeymoon! That way you can save on travel expenses.

  • On-line is a great resource to find the best deals. Google "destination weddings" and you'll be busy for days.

  • You can find trusted vendors on-line or get recommendations from the location you're using.

  • A destination wedding is when you have to travel to another city by train, plane or automobile. You stay over in another city.

  • Guests tend to let go and have more fun at destination weddings because they're staying at the location and won't have to drive. Guests also tend to stay later and enjoy the whole night. They stay and dance the night away because there's no work the next day!

  • Friends and family come to have fun, they are your captive audience.

  • Family and friends can make it a mini-vacation as well.

  • It's a multi-day celebration! You really get to bond and enjoy time with your friends and family. When else can you get both sides of the family together for a vacation! A lot of brides complain they didn't get to talk or spend time with everyone at their wedding, so this gives you a few days to make sure you get "special time" with everyone.
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