Volunteers teach about DTV switch

January 31, 2009 5:46:00 PM PST
Volunteers in San Francisco Saturday helped the elderly get ready for the switch to digital television.

Those who spend their free time working for Meals on Wheels received some training on how to install digital converter boxes.

Those without digital televisions and do not have cable or satellite television will need the boxes in less than three weeks.

That is when the analog signal will be replaced with a digital one.

"We really felt it was important because so many of our seniors are isolated and alone that we make sure that they wouldn't lose their connection to the outside world. And, television, for all it's good and bad, is something that provides good information and helps them stay connected," said Ashley McCumber with Meals on Wheels.

The Meals on Wheels people in San Francisco found out that about 500 of their clients still need the converter boxes and may not know how to install them.