Looking for the 411 on love?

February 12, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Learn how to let go of a bad relationship and build one that's strong and sweet. Advice from holistic psychologist Dr. Brenda Wade.

"Love 411, Relationship 911"
We all want the 411 on love, but some of us need 911 for our relationships! Does your relationship have what it takes to go the distance? Here are some surefire "love savers" to take your relationship to the next level.

1. Tell each other a joke or funny story. Laughter is a great healer.

2. Write down your greatest hopes for your love relationship and place the slip of paper inside a book of spiritual inspiration.

3. Each day, say "I love you" to yourself and then to your partner.

4. Kiss your mate hello and goodbye each day.

About Dr. Wade:
Dr. Wade is the NBC Today Show's Family - Relationship Expert, and regularly appears on shows such as Oprah and Good Morning America. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Wade hosts Black Renaissance on the CW network, and is regularly interviewed by multiple news channels on various health issues.

Dr. Wade is both producer and host of the PBS television pledge special Power Choices. She also hosted the nationally-syndicated television program "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" The program was based on the column of the same name which has run in the Ladies Home Journal magazine for over 40 years. The San Francisco Chronicle described Dr. Wade's demeanor on the program as "?always knowledgeable, selectively tough or sympathetic." The Boston Globe stated Dr. Wade's manner on the show mixed with "the magic of television, encouraged [people] to respond?," and that the show had an "odd integrity", not often viewed in a TV talk/relationship program.

Heartline Productions, Inc. was founded by Dr. Wade to produce quality media programs that focus on transforming lives.

For more information, visit www.docwade.com.