Eight sets of twins born in SF

February 13, 2009 6:14:28 PM PST
On the eve of Valentine's Day, some of you may be thinking of picking up a dozen roses -- but probably not 16 babies!

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Still, that's the number about to head out the door at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Eight sets of twins were born to eight couples all in the last four days. Doctors say the run of twins isn't necessarily record setting, but is unusual in such a short period.

A number of the couples were receiving fertility treatments, which increases the odds of multiples. Several others say they have twins in the family, and a few were just lucky to be part of the crowd.

It was surprising, they kept counting up, there's five no wait there's six, no seven, no wait there's eight. So it's pretty surprising we were all here at once," said new mom Krista Robinson.

Another encouraging number is that all 16 of the babies were born healthy, and all of them are expected to head home without spending any additional time in the hospital.

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