Bay Area gets hit by winter weather

February 13, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Real winter weather is finally here in the Bay Area, however Saturday night could be intense.

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In the Santa Cruz Mountains on Highway 17, near the summit, there were changing weather conditions. There was a mixed bag of weather with light rain and snow.

At the Saratoga Gap, at the intersections of Highway 9 and 35, within a 20 minute time span there was rain, hail, and then it cleared up. These rapid weather changes are the reason for problems in the area. It's causing some snow to melt and other areas to turn very icy.

Cars were swerving off Highway 9 into ditches. These problems could continue all weekend long, so CalTrans and the California Highway Patrol are telling drivers to be careful, especially in the overnight hours when the heaviest rain will fall.

He heavy rain is also causing a lot of concern for Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. They fear there might be multiple mudslides after parts of the area were damaged by wildfires last summer.

Along Highway 80 heading to the Sierra, lots of folks were heading to ski country, but they had to contend with traffic slowed by snow. Highway 80 eastbound is closed to trucks at Applegate. Chains are required on all other vehicles, except four-wheel-drive vehicles with four snow tires, from Colfax to Truckee. The same restriction applies to Highway 50 from east of Placerville to Riverton.

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