Investigation into mysterious Texas fireball

February 16, 2009 12:00:40 PM PST
Federal officials are investigating what looked like a fireball streaking across the Texas sky Sunday -- but so far they have no plausible explanation.

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Many people called authorities to report seeing falling debris. The FAA notified pilots on Saturday to be aware of possible space debris after a collision between U.S. and Russian communication satellites. But, the U.S. strategic command now says the sighting is not connected to last week's satellite collision.

A TV photographer was filming a foot race when he saw the fireball as it crashed to the ground. He admits he didn't know what he was shooting at the time.

"It was something burning and falling really fast. Where I was at the time, yeah, I remember shooting it And wondering what I shot and then looking around and seeing if anyone saw it with me, and everyone was just focused on that marathon that we were shooting at the time," said Eddie Garcia, photographer.

Authorities launched a helicopter search after getting calls about the fireball--but the search turned up nothing.

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