Jacqueline Rushing

March 4, 2009 7:08:50 PM PST
Jacqueline Rushing aka, Harriet Tubman of the 21st Century, is freeing minds, saving lives, and making generational changes for families throughout Northern California.

Ms. Rushing is the founder and Executive Director of the Young Scholars Program, a college preparatory program that boasts of its amazing statistics in changing the lives of under-served youth: a) 100 % of her scholars graduate from high school on time; b) 100% are eligible for enrollment and do enroll in college; c) 85% or better graduate from college within a four-five year period. D) 65% matriculate to post graduate or professional schools.

Ms. Rushing is a visionary committed to bringing about positive changes in the lives of our youth. She not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. Over 600 students can thank Ms. Rushing and the Young Scholar's program for making their dream of a college education come true.

Ms. Rushing has designed curriculum and activities for working with underrepresented students in order to improve the numbers of underrepresented students on college campuses throughout the United States. She sees beyond the cosmetic changes that have taken place in the last 35 years since the Civil Rights Movement.

She understands the inherent danger of becoming too complacent with the status quo and not striving to do better and go farther. Jacqueline recognizes the direct correlation a college education has to one's earning power, and the quality of one's life. She brings this message to her scholars in form of action; rather than lecturing her students and families about the need to change their lives----she gives them the tools to do so.

Ms. Rushing has adopted "The We Are Family-Village Approach" to her program. She plans multi-generational activities for scholars and their families to spend quality time together; something that is often lost in today's fast paced society.

She knows that someone must help to free our youth from the shackles of mental slavery and the repercussions that result from this cerebral dilemma. Ms. Rushing is on a God given mission; a mission to free our children and allow them to be truly all that they can be.

She loves her children, supports and motivates them to set goals and to obtain those goals. All a young person has to say is, "Ms. Rushing, I want to go to college," and the wheels start turning to help make this dream a reality. Like Harriet, Jacqueline says, I could free a thousand more, if only I could convince them that they are slaves.

Ms. Rushing invites educators, parents, and scholars to get on board, the New Underground Railroad traveling from college to college freeing the minds of our children. Ms. Rushing believes true freedom comes with an educated mind and she is on a mission to save our youth.

Ms. Rushing has two Masters Degrees, one in Education, and one in Education Administration, is a candidate for a doctorial degree. She is a motivational awarding winning speaker who has presented at National Conferences in San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, Dallas, Detroit, Atlanta, Nashville, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Savannah, and San Francisco.

For More Information: http://www.youngscholarsprogram.com/top.htm