Republicans rebel against stimulus plan

March 6, 2009 7:13:38 PM PST
President Barack Obama's stimulus program is already a bust, according to a group of protestors that held a silent vigil Friday in Danville.

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The pig signs are meant to represent the opinions of the group of East Bay Republicans. To them, Obama's $787 billion stimulus package is a total failure.

Bridget Milsan, of Tri-Valley Republican Women, says she objects to bailing out big companies like AIG and General Motors, just as much as she opposes using public funds to save millions of Americans from losing their homes to foreclosure.

"I think the majority of people who signed up for mortgages that are completely out of their means should reel the impact, like the rest of us," Milsan said.

Criticizing a president trying to resuscitate an ailing economy is nothing new.

Paul Senden is old enough to remember what FDR did to pull the country out of the great depression, moves that drew critics at the time. Senden says he doesn't have a problem with that part of the stimulus program that creates jobs, but he does take issue with funding all those additional programs, commonly referred to as "pork."

"This doesn't as far as I'm concerned doesn't stimulate anything," Senden said.

But not everybody is a critic.

"The president has only been in office a little more than 30 days; why not roll up your sleeves and start volunteering," San Ramon Valley Democratic Club member Judy Link said.

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