Recession proof fashion tips

Resale vintage thrift and consignment shopping tips:

  1. When you go Resale shopping wear easy on and off clothing and the correct underwear.

  2. Check seams for surged edges.

  3. Make sure the garments don't have stains, pilling and that the lining is in tact or body odor and mold smells.

  4. Try on everything. Don't go by the size in the item. It could have been altered.

  5. Look for high end designers first and items you usually can't afford.

  6. Haggle the price. Often the resale store will take a lower price.

  7. Shop in expensive and chic areas.

  8. Take pictures or make a list, and stay focused because this kind of shopping can be overwhelming.

  9. If you have to dry clean something or get alterations, remember that this adds to the overall cost of the item.

  10. Make friends with the sales person, so that they will let you know when a new delivery has something in it you may like.

  11. If you are new at resale shopping start with a classic LBD, a coat, trench coat or a handbag.

  12. Anticipate sales and delivery dates for new merchandise, which usually arrives on a Tuesday.
Clothes featured in this segment can be found at Main Street Rags in Walnut Creek:

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