Recession-proof fashions

Resale Vintage Thrift And Consignment Shopping Tips:

-When you go Resale shopping wear easy on and off clothing and the correct underwear.

-Check seams for surged edges.

-Make sure the garments don't have stains, odors, mold smells and that the lining is in tact.

-Try on everything. Don't go by the size in the item because it could have been altered.

-Look for high end designers first and items you usually can't afford.

-Haggle the price often the resale store will take a lower price.

-Take pictures or create a list, plus stay focused this kind of shopping can be overwhelming.

-If you have to dry clean something or get alterations, remember this adds to the overall cost of the item.

-Make friends with the sales person, so that they will let you know when a new delivery has something in it you may like.

-If you are new at resale shopping start with a classic LBD, a coat, trench coat or a handbag.

-Anticipate sales and delivery dates for new merchandise which usually arrives on a Tuesday.

-Trust in the classics. Buy a great jacket, nice fitting jeans, brown & black shoes, belt or jewelry, white blouse, black trousers.

-When you're buying an item, make sure it goes with at least three things you already own.

- Ask yourself if you can wear the item in winter and summer.

-Can the item you like go from day to night?

-Evening handbags are always a good buy.

-When buying something you may think is expensive think cost per wear.

-Thrift stores don't always know all the designers names so don't just shop in the designers section.

-There are copy's of designer handbags out there ladies so BEWARE.

-Check the Vintage section because some 40's 50's 70's and 80' styles are very IN STYLE right now.

-Look for vintage sunglasses. They are very hot this season.

-Check knits for moth holes.

-Mold is almost impossible to get rid of so smell the items and check handbags and shoes carefully.

-Be Creative: Try wearing a sweater back to front or a necklace worn in the back on a backless dress. Try wearing 2 belts together.

-A lot of Thrift stores have a children's and Household section check it out.

-Look for an anchor piece and build from there.

-To make your dollars go even further, buy a dress that's a one piece instead of 2 to 3 pieces in order to make a complete out fit..

-Look for new or designer shoes and when in doubt, Cowboy Boots are always great with Jeans.

Household items featured in the segment can be found at Goodwill:
Red Pillows - $1.99 each
Taupe/Green Blanket - $6.99

Goodwill Store
1580 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Mon-Sat 9am to 8pm, Sun 10am to 7pm
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