Concerns over Mixon's parole management

March 25, 2009 6:58:45 PM PDT
The sister of the man who shot and killed four Oakland police officers is in jail and police are searching the homes of members of his family around Northern California.

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Police are working to put the pieces of this puzzle together in hopes of determining the Lovelle Mixon's motive, and to learn whether there's anyone else who should be held responsible for what happened last Saturday. Now investigators are looking at the shooter's family.

"My brother wasn't crazy. He's not a monster," said shooter's sister Enjoli Mixon on Sunday.

Enjoli Mixon was arrested on Tuesday. She had a warrant for her arrest stemming from a 2008 drug charge. She's now in custody in Santa Rita jail in Dublin.

Sources tell ABC7 that police have interviewed her to find out exactly what she knew about her brother, Lovelle Mixon, the wanted parolee who shot and killed four Oakland police officers.

After he shot two police officers on MacArthur Boulevard Saturday, he fled to his younger sister's house and hid until he fired again, killing two more officers with his semi-automatic weapon before police fired back and killed him.

When we spoke to Enjoli Mixon earlier this week, she denied knowing anything about her brother's guns or having any weapons in her home.

"No, No, I don't with the little one no I don't," said Enjoli Mixon earlie this week.

Police aren't answering questions about the case or about reports that possibly link lovelle Mixon to six rapes.

"We cannot talk about the investigation. We cannot answer questions about the investigation," said Oakland Police Department spokesman Officer Jeff Thomason.

On Wednesday, the State Inspector General said Mixon had been properly monitored by corrections officials, even though family members said his parole officer failed to show up for multiple meetings since his release from jail in November.

In a letter, the office said: "It appears that corrections and parole officers followed department policies and procedures in their supervision of Mixon after his release from custody."

The mourning for the four slain officers continues. Both the public and police officers continue to pay their respects.

"We're all brothers in blue, and it's a real hard thing to take," said Sgt. Mike Allen from Emeryville Police Department.

Friday's funeral at the Oracle Arena is expected to draw 18,000 people.

Father Jayson Landeza will officiate, taking a break from counseling officers as he's been doing all week as the department's chaplain.

"This will be seared into the collective memory of Oakland people and I'm hoping it wakes us up to say, let's look at violence all around us," said Landeza.

Officer John Hege was taken off life support earlier this week, and his donated organs have saved four lives, and his tissue donation helped 50 others. We don't know anything about the people that received the organs, other that they are California residents.

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