Gov. addresses questions about his future

March 25, 2009 7:11:26 PM PDT
Governor Schwarzenegger has always been coy about what he'll do after he leaves Sacramento. Speculation swirled in recent months that the Governor would vie for Senator Barbara Boxer's seat in 2010. But today, he put those rumors to rest.

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With less than two years left in his final term, Governor Schwarzenegger says another office will not be in his immediate political future.

"I'm not running for Senate. I'm not running for Congress. I'm not running for another term as Governor," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) California.

The Governor says that decision made it easier for him to sign a budget that included higher taxes, a big no-no among fiscal conservatives within the Republican Party.

"I think it felt more at ease about moving forward and doing the right thing," said Gov. Schwarzenegger

With the elected office door shut, at least for now, the Governor's comments give momentum to the possibility he'd take a job in the Obama administration.

After all, the moderate Republican was fawning over the Democratic President during his Southern California visit last week.

"I want to thank him publicly for his courageous leadership and great commitment that he has displayed over the last few months," said Gov. Schwarzenegger last week in Southern California.

"President Obama is going to be there through at least 2012. After the Governor's term ends here, it's conceivable that he'd find a job there," said political analyst Tony Quinn.

But fans still call him the 'Governator' because of his famous movie role as the Terminator; he could also go back to Hollywood. He's already making a cameo appearance in Sylvester Stallone's new movie.

"I enjoy him. He's a terrific director and writer, and a great actor. And we hang out a lot of times together," said Gov. Schwarzenegger during ABC This Week on February 22nd.

There is though, one office that might interest the Austrian-born American, but that would take a Constitutional Amendment.

"I definitely cannot, because of legal reasons, run for the Presidency because the Constitution doesn't allow it," said Gov. Schwarzenegger.

In Hollywood, he could be President Schwarzenegger. Remember "Demolition Man" from 1993?

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