Students recreate classic phone booth stunt

March 25, 2009 7:44:16 PM PDT
At Saint Mary's College in Moraga, Wednesday afternoon, students celebrated a small piece of obscure history by trying to re-create it. They were trying to recreate an iconic photo that appeared in Life Magazine and set a world record.

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Prior to Wednesday, it might have been safe to assume that at Saint Mary's college the only kind of cramming they ever do, applies to exams. But after the spectacle that unfolded at the school Wednesday that would be wrong.

Students crammed, piled and stuffed themselves into a phone booth. For some, it was the first time they had ever been in what is now an outdated communication accessory.

In 1959, 22 students managed to fit in a phone booth for the photo that captured a carefree moment in history; 25 years later the record was set at 24 people. Wednesday, students strived for 25 but after all the groans and "ouches," they came up short.

The students managed to get 24 bodies into the booth, tying the record, but Ray Motta, who was present at the original event, was unimpressed.

"We didn't have bodies hanging out," Motta said.

In his eyes, there is no doubt about the record standing.

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