Reinventing retirement years

About the book "Reinventing Retirement: 389 Bright Ideas about Family, Friends, Health, What to Do and Where to Live":

While most people take great care with the financial planning aspect of retirement, how many consider the huge life shift that it heralds? Retirement is more than "not working" and comprehensive planning calls for current and future retirees to address some important questions. In her new book, Reinventing Retirement, author Miriam Goodman takes readers through the process of planning for retirement and all its considerations that are above and beyond the financial numbers.

· How will this affect my marriage or domestic situation?

· How can I stay mentally active and physically healthy?

· How can I turn my skills and interests into hobbies that will engage me?

· Does retirement mean totally stopping work, or can I have a part-time job to keep me active?

These questions and more are addressed in this simple, engaging and thought-provoking guide to the rest of your life. It's a valuable resource for those who are planning their retirement, those who want more out of their current retirement and for children who want to help parents who are about to retire. The book is divided into easy-to-approach tabbed sections covering Work, Play, Home, Relationships, Finances and Health. A Resources section contains organizations that can help with planning. The clever illustrations from lauded paper artist, Matthew Sporozinski, remind viewers that retirement is fun!

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