Sorting out differences with your kid's teacher

Here are Lonna's tips:

* Find the right match for your pre schooler.
Active boys need outside environments and teachers who support and recognize the strengths in boys. Self motivated children will thrive in a self directed environment like a Montessori school.

* Do not fit a square peg in a round hole.
Do not see a poor fit as a judgment on your child. There are many choices for pre schools and the one your best friend loves may be wrong for your child.

* Listen to the teacher.
If there are concerns about your child in a class, do not become defensive, listen to the teacher.

* Always ask to observe your child in the class.
Silently observing with an open mind can show parents what the teacher sees and allow for a partnership.

* Listen to your child's concerns, but do not ask leading questions.
Often children gain attention by creating a problem with school. Calmly listen and support.

* E-mail teachers with concerns.
Try to be positive yet serious.

* Elementary schools can not be flexible regarding teacher preference.
Children need to learn to work differences out. Parents must model a cooperative attitude by not creating hysteria over a conflict with a teacher. Children can be supported without having parents and teachers attacking each other. Battles in school never leave the children as the winner.

* Do not gossip with other parents.
Certainly share concerns with the Principal, but not other parents. It becomes catnip for all and future teachers will not want to deal with you or your child.

About Lonna Corder:
Lonna Corder has 25 years as a pre school teacher and director. Lonna began private parent coaching in 2007 and has written several artical, is featured on every month answering parenting questions and is working on a book about parenting during the first five years.

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