North Bay twins turn hard luck life into film


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Twins Logan and Noah Miller dreamed they would play professional baseball. Growing up in West Marin they trained hard, worked hard, and it wasn't easy. Their dad drank, gambled, and often lived in his truck. He couldn't do a lot for them.

"He was such a beautiful man when he was sober, so having to deal with those two personalities," said Logan.

Then tragedy struck when he died in the Marin County Jail. They felt their story had to be told. The brothers knew nothing about writing a screenplay, so they bought books, and their methods were unconventional.

"We had nothing to lose, we'd call 100, 200 people a day," said Noah.

Somehow they got film, camera, and a crew. After maxing out 17 credit cards, the brothers were $45,000 in debt.

But they had footage. They still needed a star to play dad. Academy-Award winner Ed Harris was first choice. They got a chance two years ago at San Francisco Film Festival tribute in the Castro Theatre.

"We told a few people in the industry and they told us, 'You're insane. You can't do that. You can't go to the Castro and talk to Ed Harris. You have to get the money first,'" said Noah.

In the alley behind the theatre, they gave him the screenplay, showed him video, and a few weeks later they had their star.

They shot "Touching Home" in Marin. They wrote "Either You're in or You're in the Way" about the experience and the film dedicated to their father.

"His death allowed us to make this movie and change our life," said Logan.

"Maybe that was his gift, you know," said Noah.

The book will be released next Tuesday. The film will be shown at the Rafael on May 6th. The Miller Brothers will be making appearances around the Bay Area in the next month.

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