Unique Mother's Day gifts for $40 or less


Garden Brew Tea Set, $39
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Pink Flamingo Urban Garden Kit, $28
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Monkey Hugs, $32
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Neck Hugger Pleasure Pillow, $39
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The Flavor Bible, $35
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Fresher Herb Pot, $40
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Pretty in Pink, $40
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Sweet Vanilla Spa Booties, $40
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All gifts can be found on http://www.wishwrap.com

About Wishwrap
Based in San Francisco, Wishwrap represents the next generation of online gift shopping by using technology to make gift-giving more personal and more thoughtful. The only resource of its kind, Wishwrap.com guides shoppers through the process of bringing a sentiment to life through a gift and its presentation. When a gift has been "Wishwrapped", it means that it has been handpicked with the recipient in mind, custom-wrapped, and bestowed upon with a heartfelt wish to bring back the sentimentality and excitement of giving and receiving. Through creative packaging and attention to every detail, the whole package emotes the same sentiment to reinforce the message and connect people in a meaningful way. Wishwrap also offers gift-giving consultations and custom gift ideas at no cost. Website: http://www.wishwrap.com

About the Founder
Born in San Francisco, raised in Thailand and remaining close to her Indian roots, Wishwrap.com founder Manisha Kothari has led a global life that has taken her full circle, back to her home base of San Francisco. An internship at the UN in Geneva, and her Georgetown graduate studies led her to a role in the Clinton Administration managing US trade-related grant assistance to Asian countries. Manisha went on to plan and manage large infrastructure projects in developing countries and at home for a consulting firm based in San Francisco. It is the influence of her life, work, and travels abroad that have served as the catalyst for Wishwrap.com. Observing cultural rituals of gift-giving and the symbolism of gifts in different cultures led Manisha to develop Wishwrap.com, a platform that brings the focus back to expressing a sentiment and reinforcing relationships through giving. Manisha's first-born son and the soft-launch of Wishwrap.com coincided on a winter's day in San Francisco late in 2007. She fondly refers to them as fraternal twins.

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