Green up your grocery list

  • Shop big and plan for leftovers. Making large meals helps save energy costs by minimizing how often we fire up the oven. Cook two times bigger to pack lunches for the family or save on energy costs cooking for dinner the next night. Left over meats can make for great sandwiches.

  • Buy in bulk and pack smart. Instead of buying snack packs, look to the bulk section and buy larger bags of snacks. Repack in reusable containers to save on packaging. Even better, reuse those contains deli meats come in. They are great for packing those sandwiches you made from leftovers

  • Look for hints on labels. Looking for organic fruit? Check the sticker for the number 9.

  • Find out if products are 100% natural.

  • Check if brands have relationships with environmental groups.

  • Skip bottles and go with BPA-Free Thermoses. We've all heard how long these bottles stay in landfills.

  • For flavored water, try adding fresh fruit or mint.

  • In the office, keep a mug at your desk instead of throwing away coffee cups.

  • The freezer can be your friend. Stock up on frozen foods and non perishables to minimize trips to the store, saving gas and money.

  • When you have a packed refrigerator at home, it holds its temperature better and you're able to use less energy. Keeping a well-stocked fridge and freezer can actually help keep down energy costs.
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