Transform and de-clutter your room

Lisa Quinn's tips for painting and storage:

  1. Usually when we think of adding paint, it's to add color. But sometimes you need to neutralize a room with paint to anchor your look. White paint can give a room a chic "gallery" look when paired with colorful artwork.

  2. Storage is always a must. Especially in tiny city apartments. Closed door storage is usually the best choice, as the doors will hide all the unattractive clutter.

  3. Consider using cabinets that are the same color as your walls. The cabinets will blend in, and make the room feel larger.
Tips for beating clutter:
  1. Start with the obvious stuff.
  2. Use a timer and set small goals.
  3. Make sure everything has a home.
  4. It's OK to let go of things.
  5. Deal with clutter hot spots.
  6. De-clutter Daily.
  7. Be a good gatekeeper.
Special thanks to:
>> Kelly-Moore Paints
>> Varsity Painting

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