Tips for becoming an entrepreneur

Glenn Llopis' tips:

  1. Trust your brand. Become a thriving entrepreneur in and out of the work place.
    >> Confidence, empowerment, and the (4) unique skills that women possess to "make opportunity matter" in business and society.

  2. Change the economy.
    >> It's time to transform our attitude, reinvent ourselves, accept the challenge, act responsibility, be accountable and serve society.

  3. How to take it to the next level.
    >> We all need to learn how to earn serendipity and control our path to prosperity - responsibly.

  4. Entrepreneurship is not just a "BUSINESS TERM" anymore, it's a way of life.
    >> We all must think like entrepreneurs in order to execute a G.A.M.E plan to rebuild our identity and the economy (Grateful, Authentic, Momentous, Entrepreneurial Spirit)

Book: "Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work"
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About Glenn Llopis:
The son of Cuban immigrants that were victims of Castro's revolution, Glenn's bloodline is concentrated with resilience, innovation and an unapologetic appreciation for life, people and the power of perseverance.

Glenn Llopis' career is characterized by a consistent ability to believe in and conceive a compelling vision with the passion to achieve the impossible. His success story is a anthology of resilience, endurance and accrued wisdom. His expertise in new venture and strategic alliance is a product of great mentors and hands-on experience as a corporate officer, consultant and entrepreneurial brand owner. In him, charm, grit and tenacity merge into one person who demonstrates loyalty and honor in every engagement. Glenn is a new school entrepreneur who regards character, innovation and social responsibility as the most essential components to success.

Glenn is a dynamic leader with proven skills in new venture formations throughout three continents with special emphasis in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Western European markets. Mr. Llopis offers excellent consensus building, organizational and negotiating skills. He specializes in managing high level client relationships and leading new venture and equity development programs. He is flexible, innovative, decisive and action-driven. Glenn possesses a high-impact motivational management style. He participates in industry and business community councils and actively serves as a columnist, advisor board member and speaker.

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