New cell phone technology debuts in Vegas


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"This is the first live video sent via cellular from Las Vegas to San Francisco," Chuck Colby said at the convention. Colby is a well-known inventor in Silicon Valley. Through the years he has patented hundreds of miniature video devices, including the first fax machine that used video instead of paper in 1993. That video modem has evolved into a battery-powered box.

"Then, with one of these little data cellular modems," Colby said holding both in his hand, "which plugs into the USB port on the box... It sends the video and audio through the cell system to the Internet."

Realistically, the video is not smooth, the audio is not in sync and video has been sent through a cell phone before. The difference is that the Colby video modem broadcasts to the Internet, not just to another phone. And, it uses any camera, not just a cell phone camera.

In fact, adds Colby, "You can use pan-tilt-zoom cameras also, which you can't do with a cell phone. So, it really expands the use of video through cellular."

With the modem, police flashlights would no longer simply record video. A motion detector version of the device could send an image to your phone whenever anyone passes by. And, with a license plate accessory, parking enforcement could become a reality show.

Texting is beginning to look very yesterday.

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