Get your space organized

Tips to get any area of your home or office organized:

The SPACE System:

S -Sort
Put like things together

Let go of what you do not use and does not serve a purpose

A -Assign
Find the right home for items you would like to keep

C- Containerize
Once you have know what to keep and why, find the perfect container

E -Enjoy
Congratulations on your organized space-Enjoy!

About Cheryl Spater:
Cherly is a California girl. Born in San Francisco, raised in Marin County, she has been organizing since she was born and inherited this valuable skill from her father. On the other hand her mom was the Queen of Clutter. Cheryl organized her first Estate Sale when she was in her 20's - her grandparent's estate - so she does understand the emotional aspects of getting and staying organized.She has been serving the Bay Area and Northern counties for over 8 years. Cheryl has worked with clients from 8 to 84 years young. Her goal with all her clients is knowing that they can get and stay organized. She creates customized systems to work within their lifestyles and needs. She does this by listening to them and holds each client accountable for moving from chaos and stress into calm and control.

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and often if you are not held accountable it could take you years to gain control. Cheryl is a motivational organizer, often giving her clients homework and checking in to see what progress they have made. If they are not moving forward, she will refine and work with each client to help them achieve their goals.

About Simply Organized:
Simply Organized is in the business of helping people get and stay in control of their everyday organizational challenges.Cheryl's goal, and that of Simply Organized, is to provide user-friendly support systems to her clients so that they can get on with the business of running their businesses. Whether organizing an office to fit your work style, relocating a living space, managing paper flow and bill paying, or tax preparation for CPA's, Simply Organized creates control in the home and office.For those with on-going medical challenges, Cheryl's skills at creating support systems and her tactful manner ensure peace of mind in times of difficulty by managing paper-flow and paying bills on time, thus maintaining her clientele's dignity and self-esteem. Simply Organized has proven to be an advocate for people recovering from stroke and other life altering situations, and returning home after hospital stays by providing creative solutions to everyday living situations. Simply put, Simply Organized is your organizer for life!
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