Shore Acres Elem. closes due to N1H1


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Nearby Highlands Elementary in Pittsburg is also closed. Bahia Vista Elementary School in San Rafael was closed on Friday, and there are five schools shutdown in Santa Clara County: Elan Esprit and Delphi Academy in Santa Clara, Challenger Academy and Branham High in San Jose and Rucker Elementary in Gilroy.

The kid who is sick hasn't been here all week, but county health officials aren't taking any chances. They're going to follow the CDC's advice and close the school for two weeks.

Mount Diablo superintendant and school officials found out late Friday afternoon that the second grader's results came back as a probable swine flu case. They worked frantically to tell the parents of the 500 students.

The teachers will still report to work, but the kids will get a surprise two-week vacation. Unfortunately, this timing is terrible since it falls in the middle of the state testing program.

The school closure at Highlands Elementary School will be extended until May 15. The CDC recommends the schools be closed for two weeks because health officials say kids are likely to be infectious for seven to 10 days after the illness hits.

This poses a big problem for working parents who will have to find day care. The Shore Acres closure will also be difficult for many since a lot of the students are low income and rely on the school's breakfast and lunch programs.

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