Non-alcoholic twist on a classic Mojito

Infusion Lounge's Summer Strawberry Mojito


  • 3 sugar cubes
  • crushed ice, enough to fill glass
  • 1 fresh-cut lime, halved
  • 10 mint leaves, fresh without stems
  • 1-1/2 ounces light rum (take out for virgin)
  • 1 fresh strawberry (add additional strawberry for virgin)
  • Top off with Soda
Instructions: In tall glass add mint leaves and squeeze fresh lime juice into into glass. Add sugar cubes and with back of metal spoon, muddle three ingredients together, crushing the leaves and sugar. Mash in strawberry, after slicing and de-stemming it. Add crushed ice and rum, topping off with soda. Garnish with sprig of mint and twist of lime and/or strawberry.

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