The importance of creating mommy time

Practical mommy tips:
  1. Get Organized:
    You will appreciate the sanity and your kids will like it too. Get yourself and your kids on a schedule- type it out, put it on the fridge and stick to it! Get up a little earlier than the kids (or have your partner get the kids ready) and take a run, jump on the treadmill, do a yoga video or meditate. Just 30 minutes of doing something physical for you will energize you throughout your entire day.

  2. Multitask:
    Most moms are an expert at multi tasking- usually doing two, or three things at once to take care of other people. What I mean is multi task for you. Take you baby on a walk in there stroller for their nap time and you get to power walk. Or maybe put your kids in the shower with a 99 cent bottle of shaving cream while you give yourself a facial or paint your nails right outside the shower. They will play in the shower with the shaving cream for an hour-easy!

  3. Go to a kid and parent friendly café:
    Like tumble & tea café. It is a posh, wifi café with an indoor playspace for kids. Great food, amazing espresso drinks, hip ambiance and an indoor playspace for kids 0-5. tumble & tea café gives you a chance to take a break, enjoy a late, finish a sentence with another adult and gives the kids a fun and safe place to play.
So Moms, don't forget about you. Take at least a little time everyday for yourself. Just think of it as your bonus for all of your overtime for the most important job you will ever do.

A study from for 2008 determined that the time mothers spend performing the 10 most popular "Mom job functions" would equate to an annual cash compensation of $116,805 for a Stay-at-Home Mom. And lets be honest, "Mom jobs" amount for more than just 10 tasks. In fact the study also found the primary driver of mom's six-figure salary was the amount of overtime worked. This year, mom's overtime averaged 54.4 hours per week. Stay-at-Home Moms work a 94.4 hour "workweek" - over half her time spent on the job is overtime. Additionally the Working Moms reported an average 54.6 hour "mom work week" in addition to their paying jobs.

There are definitely benefits about being a mom. There is arguably no other job in the world that can be more rewarding or is as important. But with all the rewards- sometimes the job of mom doesn't come with coffee or lunch breaks and taking care of others can leave you with no time to take care of yourself.

A new study from Ohio State University has found that even when women get time off from office and household tasks, they don't feel any less rushed. And married moms reported feeling rushed more than twice as often as single women without kids did. (Men, on the other hand, apparently kick back when they've got time off!) Moms that were able to take advantage of time to take care of them self had more patience, control & attention for their kids.

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