An honest and funny look at menopause

About the DVD: Blitzed by Menopause
Like millions of women around the world, Jan Brehm suffered from the often debilitating symptoms of menopause. And like millions of husbands around the world, Jan's husband, Ron, with all good intent handled it all wrong. Desperate to maintain and grow her relationship with Ron and save her sanity, Jan decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands.

"There's really not a lot of education out there for men on how to cope with what their wife is going through" says Jan. "Men have a natural tendency to want to fix things, and menopause just isn't 'fixable' in that way."

In fact, of 423 books published on the subject of menopause, only three or four are directed towards men. None of the books are geared towards couples, and until Blitzed by Menopause there were no DVD's on the subject at all.

The idea for Blitzed by Menopause came to Brehm, a vivacious and well-known actress and spokesperson, some years ago as she entered middle age and began experiencing the symptoms of menopause. She realized that her husband was struggling to understand what she was going through emotionally and physically, and that the problems they were facing were identical to those faced by millions of couples around the world.

Symptoms like these are not things that even the most loving partner can easily understand:

  • hot flashes
  • sleep disturbances
  • night sweats
  • ugly mood swings
  • bloated abdomen
  • weight gain
  • reduced sex drive
  • bouts of crying and sadness
  • fatigue and irritability

    And when his wife is not in the mood for sex - again - a husband will often take it personally, thinking she is no longer attracted to him.

    "That is heartbreaking, if you think about it," says Jan. "That your husband would think it's because of him. Here you are, desperately in need of his comfort and support, and he is immersed in his own anxieties of 'what's wrong with me? What did I do wrong? And why can't I fix this?' Menopause is one of the toughest challenges most couples have to face."

    While the video is overall lighthearted and very easy to watch, Jan called in some top professionals to help provide medical answers and promote open communication on the subject between couples.

    Asked to sum up the message of Blitzed by Menopause in one sentence, Jan quips "It's not about YOU, and I need a hug, dammit!"

    Jan says the only way I was able to find humor with these sometimes uncomfortable symptoms of menopause was in the presence of my women friends who were experiencing the same crazy symptoms. We would compare notes and laugh at...and with each other about everything from hot flashes to Bloating. The DVD approaches menopausal symptoms from the male perspective in mind. Men can easily relate to the DVD by approaching them with familiar interests such as sports and news. The DVD brings a certain flare of humor that tickles the women and enlightens our men-folk to this otherwise uncomfortable time in a woman's life.

    The 2 hour-plus DVD entitled, "Blitzed by Menopause", along with a companion playbook, Fair Play during Menopause provides men with vital coaching to better understand what menopause is like for their partners and offers insight about how they can maintain and even strengthen their relationship during this often difficult time in a woman's life.

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    About Jan Brehm Growing up in the Northwest and graduating from the University of Oregon with a teaching degree, Jan never intended to choose acting as a career or even envisioned working in front of the camera, let alone on stage before hundreds of people.

    But for the last 23 years that's exactly where she has found herself...and loving every minute of it!

    Coming up on 1000 television commercials gives Jan the expertise needed to work both nationally and internationally. Advertising products ranging from diaper service to luxury automobiles, Jan emotes genuine enthusiasm with her camera presence and style.

    Jan's career has included and continues in stage, film, television, corporate video, radio, live show presentations and print.

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