Summer kids clothes you can make

Fabric T-shirt Instructions:

1. Find a nice piece of fabric (quilting squares or remnants cost about $2 and have great designs).

2. Buy some iron-on adhesive paper. (Joann Fabrics sells it for $5.)

3. Buy the cheapest T-shirt you can find. (Target generally has last season's stuff on sale for $4-$5, and American Apparel sells baby onesies and toddler T's for $12-$15. Thrift stores, my favorite, will sell you great Ts for a buck or even less!)

4. Iron the paper onto the fabric and then cut out the fabric either in a square or you can trace the design. For instance, if the fabric has a lot of ducks on it, just cut out the shape of one of the ducks.

5. Then, peel off the double sided paper and iron the fabric onto the T-shirt. And that's it!

It is so amazingly simple and so ridiculously cheap that pretty soon you can have an entire baby wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of store-bought shirts. And the best part is they are all custom made crafts you can do with the kids!

About Mike Adamick:
Mike Adamick is a stay-at-home dad who writes regularly for National Public Radio and the San Francisco Chronicle's Style section and parenting blog, The Poop. He took up sewing when he began staying home with his daughter three years ago, and has since started making her clothes. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Dana, and daughter, Emmeline.

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