Sustainable fashions from Egypt

About Siwa Creations:
Siwa Creations celebrates a long hidden facet of the oasis. Its seamstresses and their unique tradition of embroidery have been passed down from one Siwan generation to the next. For centuries, Siwan girls would learn the skills of sewing and embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers. Each girl would embroider her own wedding trousseau, and her talent in recreating traditional items was a source of pride both to herself and to her family. In recent times, this traditional art form began to fade as a result of outside cultural influences, and socio-economic constraints.

Rediscovering the beauty and value of Siwan women's embroidery, and supporting Siwan women in continuing this great tradition, Siwa Creations has not only helped to revive this dying art, it has also connected the women of the oasis with the rest of the world. Our innovative collection of hand embroidered galabeyas (traditional gowns), abbayas (cloaks), blouses, shawls, sarongs, babouches (moccasins), linens, and jewelry spring from the soul of a free people that have mastered the art of living in harmony with their surroundings. Patterns echoing nature and the past coalesce with natural fabrics and vivid colors to give birth to unique works of art that are perfectly adapted to modern day living. Siwa Creation products are sold through a number of exclusive outlets in Europe such as The Verde in Rome, So in Torino, Cherie in Bologna, and General Trading Company in London, in addition to an agreement with La Samaritaine in Paris.

To visit the Siwa shop in Cairo

17 Ahmad Heshmat Rd. Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: +202 2737 3014

For more information on Siwa Creations, contact Laila Neamatalla at

About Environmental Quality International:
Environmental Quality International (EQI), a private firm established in 1981, operates in the Middle East and Africa providing services in Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Policy and Governance and Enterprise Development. EQI's objective is to contribute to the growth and development of the region by bringing about sustainable improvements in the living conditions of its peoples. EQI's services are directed at promoting economic and social development that respects the region's natural assets and preserves its rich cultural heritage.

In 1997 EQI began privately investing in Siwa through a series of community-based initiatives. The Siwa Sustainable Development Initiative is an integrated sustainable development plan that addresses economic, cultural and environmental challenges. In 2005, EQI partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to expand its investments in the following areas: (1) Eco-lodging; (2) Traditional Artisanship; (3) Organic Agriculture and Trade; and (4) Renewable Energy.

To learn more about EQI and the Siwa Sustainable Development Initiative, visit

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