Dive-bombing bird proves quite a spectacle


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Lunchtime at Front and California in San Francisco. Many turn out for the ornithology -- the scientific study of blackbirds. In particular, a Brewer's Blackbird on the corner, now named "Swoop," for obvious reasons.

It is a male with whitish-yellow eyes... he's the man," said Sheila Stetson, member of the Audubon Society.

In spring, around an active nest, this would be typical male blackbird behavior. He thinks we are in his territory, and for two weeks, he has had the height advantage.

But Swoop's audience is bigger, even, than the crowd at California and Front. He has gone global.

"I did a search last night and it's on a Chinese newspaper," said bird blogger Heather Marlow.

Heather Marlow helped create this phenomenon. Two weeks ago, she began a blog that as of Thursday had 10,000 hits from 73 countries.

"I don't know what the appeal is," said Marlow. "I think it's just funny."

Over and over, we might add.

Although with all the levity, there will always be one social conscience in a crowd.

"Are we so out of touch with nature that we get enjoyment out of watching people get dive-bombed by a bird that's protecting its nest?" wondered bird sympathizer Jessica Gabbert.

Ummm... yes.

So, until that nest goes vacant a few weeks from now, do not let your guard down.

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