Man intentionally runs over five people


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Alex Galindo was watching TV when he heard tires screeching and saw a car race down his driveway.

"He comes right through here and knocks off my gas line. As soon as I heard that I jumped up and got out of my house and took off and called 911 across the street," said Galindo.

There was screaming as the car plowed through five people, all of this because of a dispute over a cell phone and a ring. One woman suffered a broken neck, but before she was hit, she grabbed a two-year-old who was in the path of the car -- Alameda County firefighters say quite possibly saving his life.

Galindo, who just moved in three days ago, said if things had been slightly different others could have been killed as well.

"We just met these neighbors and my wife took the neighbor's kids to the park with my son and daughter. And it's a good thing because my kids were playing right there five minutes before this happened," said Galindo.

Galindo's wife had taken four of the neighbor's children out of the house that ended up with the car in the living room. Galindo's son returned from the park to a frightening scene.

"There were three people laying on the ground injured and they were bleeding in the leg and their heads -- so yeah it was pretty scary," said Alex Galindo III.

One light moment came when Alameda County firefighters rescued the family dog which was trapped underneath the car and reunited it with its 9-year-old owner.

"So he was stuck until you guys found him. I was worried about him," said the dog's owner Vanessa Chaidez.

The driver of the car ran and was still running when deputies spotted and arrested him on a nearby freeway.

The suspect is expected in court on Wednesday to face a slew of felonies.

Galindo had just moved in on Saturday. Now he's looking for a new place.

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