Avoid rushing into intimate relationships

Maryanne Comaroto's advice:

Great relationships begin within and our relationship with our self is the model that attracts and creates all our other relationships.

Yet women consistently make hazardous mistakes in relationships that cost them their peace of mind, self-esteem and, in some cases, their health and their lives.

Asking the right questions, prior to becoming intimate in a relationship, can make all the difference in the world. When do you want to learn if your significant other has done hard drugs? Or served time in prison? Before or after you've slept with him?

Here are 14 of my favorite questions:

1. Are you married?

2. Are you currently involved in a relationship or seeing anyone?

3. Do you want a real, lasting relationship (or do you just want sex)?

Ask this tough question of yourself before you drop your drawers, too.

4. Do you believe in some power greater than yourself?

5. Why did your last or other relationships end?

6. How did you end the last relationship?

7. How do you get along with your family of origin?

8. How do you feel about marriage?

9. Do you want to have children (or more children)? Do you already have children?

10. Have you ever been in jail?

11. Have you ever done hard drugs or sold drugs?

12. Do you have a sexually-transmitted disease?

13. What are your goals for the next five, 10 years?

14. What are you passionate about?

What are some of your questions? I'd enjoy receiving them. Contact me at maryannelive@gmail.com or by mail at 336 Bon Air Center, Suite 124, Greenbrae, CA 94909 or by phone at 415.505.3624

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About Maryanne Comaroto:
Maryanne Comaroto, the "Queen of Self Esteem," is an award-winning author, therapist and radio personality who reaches nearly 30 million people worldwide each year via her radio show, "Maryanne Live," heard on the HealthyLife.net Radio Network. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Healthy Relationships, an organization committed to the science of creating healthy and sustainable relationships based in San Francisco, CA.

As America's leading authority on successful relationships, Maryanne's weekly live radio talk show reaches millions of listeners in the U.S. and around the world. Her philosophy is "Great relationships begin within!" and her guest experts - Lama Surya Das, Jean Houston, Dawna Markova, Gay Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsh, John Gray, Riane Eisler and Gabrielle Roth, to name but a few - talk openly about what it takes to create healthy, fulfilling, sustainable relationships.

Maryanne is a great storyteller, translating life's complexities into practical tools for living. Her honest and engaging message has made her known as the female Dr. Phil.

Importantly, Maryanne's message facilitates powerful changes in the lives of her listeners, readers and clients. Her passion and insights are powerful and transform the lives of her audience.

"After Maryanne interviewed me, my heart is singing! We had a blast! Not only was it a great interview, (she is really a master at what she does) but I feel like I got a new best friend." Voge Smith, author of I Release! Create the Life that Makes Your Heart Sing.

Maryanne leads popular workshops and seminars for men and women, has had a private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist for more than 20 years, and is the author of the award-winning memoir Skinny, Tan & Rich: Unveiling the Myth (2006, Bridge The Gap Publishing).

Her newest book, Hindsight: What You Need To Know Before You Drop Your Drawers! (2009, INNER-tainment Productions), outlines the 14 critical questions to ask before you get intimate in a relationship. Her next book, Investing Your Family Jewels, A Relationship Manual for Men, is due out Fall 2010.

Maryanne is also the founder of a leading non-profit, The National Action Organization, a 501(c)3 organization committed to changing the way our culture values women.

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