Protecting your feet from ailments

Pedicure salon precautions:

  • Salons are required to sterilize their instruments. It's absolutely appropriate for them to clean their instruments after each individual patron. After each use, the metal instruments should be put in a bactericidal, fungicidal solution. There should be a lid over that solution for about 10 -20 minutes.

  • When you sit in the spa chair, and you put your feet in the tub, look for disposable basin liners. That's really the best way of preventing potential problems.

  • Consider using your own instruments. There are several brands you can use. It should come with your own personal nail clipper, with your personal pumas stone, and a cuticle nipper
Warning signs of toenail fungus:
Early symptoms of fungal toenails are yellow discoloration. Usually the fungus tends to go in the corners, not necessarily involving the entire toenail. So it will start on one side or the other. You will also see some lifting of the toenail. That would be the second sign. Another sign would be some debris that forms underneath the toenails. The color of the toenail may be yellow, white, green or maybe some darker tinge to it.

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