Cut down your energy bill

Tips for cutting down your energy bill:

  1. Don't be a blow hard (it's a waste of energy!) Running your AC all night or when you're out wastes energy. Set your thermostat to cool just when you really need it, and to a reasonable temperature -- 72-75° F is sufficient for most people.

  2. Okay - be a blow hard! Install an EnergyStar ceiling fan. Air movement makes people feel cooler.

  3. Mind your 'fridge. Clean coils help a refrigerator run more efficiently. The smoother it runs, the less heat it will release into your home.

  4. Nuke it. Use your microwave to cook. Turning on the stove for small meals wastes energy and heats up your home.

  5. Decorate! Hang light colored window coverings. They reflect heat and light.

  6. Cover up. Keep window coverings closed on south and west-facing windows during the day to keep temperatures from rising inside.

  7. Turn over a new leaf and grow house plants. According to NASA, they clean the air by converting pollutants into plant food. Clean air will make your home feel fresher.

  8. Don't be a dim bulb! Use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) where appropriate. Regular lamps release about 90% of their energy as heat. CFLs use more of their energy to create light, not to heat your home.

  9. Give your house new clothes (so you shed less.) Insulate your walls and attic to keep hot air outside where it belongs.
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