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Show topic: AIDSWalk

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June 28, 2009
Show topic: AIDSWalk
Hosted by ABC7's Cheryl Jennings

This week's episode of "Beyond the Headlines" revisits the continual struggle against HIV/AIDS in our community. On Sunday, July 19th, thousands will gather in Golden Gate Park for the annual San Francisco AIDSWalk. It's been 25 years since HIV was discovered to be the virus that causes AIDS. Today, while advancements have been made, HIV & AIDS are still a major health issue for thousands of Bay Area residents. In fact, California has the second highest rate of HIV/AIDS cases in the country.

With potential budget cuts looming for HIV/AIDS programs, there is major concern about California's continued overall health. Heterosexual women, minorities, and the transgender community are experiencing growing HIV rates. We'll hear how one local clinic is helping pregnant mothers with HIV to not pass the virus onto their children. And find out how the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is helping to train health educators within the transgender community, in order to stop HIV before it spreads.

The annual San Francisco AIDSWalk serves as a way for the entire Bay Area community to come together and make a difference. Whether you walk, donate, or just cheer people on, it's a fun way to take a stand against this epidemic.

Studio Guests

Mark Cloutier
CEO, San Francisco AIDS Foundation
(415) 487-3000

Dr. Dean Winslow
Medical Director, PACE Clinic
(408) 885-5935

Pedro Arista
Health Educator, San Francisco AIDS Foundation
(415) 487-3000

Additional Resources
AIDSWalk San Francisco
(415) 615-WALK (9255)

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