The do's and don't's of restaurant dining

Some dos and don'ts for customers include:

  • Do- Smile and make eye contact
  • Don't- talk on the phone
  • Do- let the server know up front if you need to be out at a certain time
  • Don't - be afraid to ask anything about the menu
  • Talking on the cell phone while try to get the order.
  • Don't blame the waiter if the order is not up standard, we didn't cook it.
  • Snapping of the fingers when they need something.
  • Come in with a SMILE...that sets the mood for everything.

About Ray Piccinini- Waiter at The Stinking Rose in North Beach
Now in his 70's, Ray Piccinini has been a waiter for more years than he cares to count. From San Francisco's legendary Enrico's in its heyday, to a customer favorite at The Stinking Rose where he has waited tables since it first opened 20 years ago in North Beach. He is known to locals and celebrities alike for his ability to make every diner feel special. In fact, Ray is so memorable that the King of Jordan has hosted Ray and his wife at his palace in appreciation. Recently recovered from minor knee surgery, the first thing the vibrant septuagenarian asked his doctor was- "when can I get back to work?"

About Michele Salley- Waitress at Bobo's on Lombard Street
Michele can't think of anything she doesn't like about her job; except not having Saturdays free. However, that's a small price to pay for the satisfaction the relative newcomer (2 ½ years experience) receives from meeting different people and making them happy. Since working her way up from hostess, the former real estate saleswoman has proven to be one of the restaurant's most popular servers, winning accolades on Yelp and in person for her excellent service and engaging ways.

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