Tips for a healthy mind and body

Follow Denise's tips to a healthier, happier summer and beyond. Making better, smarter choices not only saves money but it will also lead to a healthier mind and body.

· Stay Fresh - Plant a Garden: A garden full of fresh herbs, fruit and veggies boosts nutrition, health, and the Earth's oxygen supply: You will have direct access to healthy fresh ingredients to incorporate into delicious smoothies or snacks. Best of all, you can enjoy the outdoors and squeeze in some calorie burning time!

· Start Simple, Save Big: Begin your day with two pantry staples: whole wheat toast and natural peanut butter. Simply spread two tablespoons of natural peanut butter on whole wheat, fiber rich toast for a quick and nutritious breakfast that packs 8 grams of protein.

· Exercise Anytime, Anywhere…For Free: Whether you are in the car or making snacks in the kitchen you can fit in some toning time -- your muscles don't know you're not in a (costly) gym!! Squeeze your abs for five seconds and it equals one sit-up, or repurpose household items such as water jugs or soup cans as convenient dumbbells for around the house.

· Fitness on the Road: Move your workout outdoors to explore local parks, trails or beaches in your community. Fresh air clears the mind and is always budget-friendly.

You can meet Denise Austin this Saturday at the SF Marathon Expo from 12PM - 2PM at the SF Design Center at 620 7th Street.

For more information and healthy recipes as well as a contest to win personal consultation with Ms. Austin, go to and

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