Economy: Defining the "new normal"


This is a pre-programmed 240 year cycle and is taking us back to the origins of this country. 2008 was a "1" year in Numerology and was the launch date for this cycle. 2009 is the 2nd year of the cycle and requires extreme patience as last year's seeds grow. There will an even bigger expansion of these ideas in the "3" year, 2010.

We will be reviewing the original ideas of the founding of the country. How close have we maintained the original ideas? We will be making necessary changes that will be more in line with what was originally intended by the birth of this nation. Just as the last 25 years has brought huge expansion, (super- sized houses, cars, bodies, servings, debt etc.) the next 15 years will bring strong contraction.

There will be a general contraction in major areas of our society, but mainly

1) Money and finance.

2) Jobs

3) Corporate structures

USA with a "5" life path (representing freedom, change and progress) will set up the world's changes. By America taking the "financial fall" first, it affects all other countries to make the necessary changes within themselves. America has a very lucky birth chart (July 4, 1776) so it will okay, it just will be awhile and people will need to adjust to this new way of living.


- People will be forced to live simply, eat better, family ties strengthened through forced living together. Divorce declines as it will be too expensive and people will rethink their own commitments.

- It will be normal and not shameful to say you are paying off debt and not join, purchase or keep up with the Jones's.

- There will be many more government programs coming. There will be much money made from these programs and many will be employed by them.

- The middle class will grow, unlike the last 20 years where it has shrunk.

- Value added businesses will stay in business. Such as coffee shop that offers really good baked goods and authentic homemade soup.

- Companies that continue using voicemail from hell services and dismiss customer needs will find their businesses shrinking and folding.

- We will continue to contract strongly over the next 3 years.

- People will need to really cut back, not to depend on your house or your stock portfolio to save you. The stock market will be very erratic during this time period.

- Investigate your investments. Do not depend solely on what your broker is telling you.

- There will be a continual rise in female leadership. When we entered the year 2000 (a feminine number), we began a 1,000 year cycle of the rise in this energy. Very slowly but surely, you are seeing the rise of women in government and corporations. This is a global phenomenon and will only grow in energy. This is very strong in the USA but is also growing in the Middle East and Africa where women have been diminished and discounted. Women should consider entering politics during this period.

- Areas of expansion include government, health, education, new energy innovation, inexpensive entertainment, makeup and apparel.

- Family traditions will grow

- More people will declare themselves "non-affiliated" regarding religious matters. Currently at 16%, it will soon be 20% of USA population will have no religious affiliation.

- New age thinkers will have to apply what they have learned rather than attend more workshops. Self-help movement will shrink. Therapists offices will lose business as will many businesses that catered to a self-absorbed culture.


An numerological overview of current crisis conditions, and why these events are happening at this time.

Date & Time:
Saturday, July 25, 2009
10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Registration at 9:30 am)

Unity in Marin
600 Palm Drive-Hamilton Center
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About Gail Minogue:
Author and lecturer Gail Minogue has a talent for synthesizing information on a psychological spiritual and even economic basis. She helps individuals and organizations see themselves more clearly and move forward with a more supportive and progressive mindset. In essence, she points out what most of us can't see.

A trained commodity broker, with a gift for the numbers, she provides a constructive blueprint for a corporation or individual's life, affirming certain beliefs while knocking down others. She'll also answer some tough questions along the way, getting her clients "unstuck" and giving them the tools to make informed decisions in their lives. Equipping them for the future, she also helps them make sense of the past.

Calling on universal laws, namely metaphorical and numerical patterns (numerology), Gail assists clients in advancing forward in their lives or affairs in a more favorable manner. In essence, she helps people achieve insight into their life purpose, helps them embrace change and become master builders of their lives. Numerous business and governmental organizations, educational and spiritual institutions, as well as individuals have experienced remarkable results.

Through the use of intuition, Numerology teachings (universal numerical law) and a unique form of questioning, Gail is able to provide her clients with answers and directions that can reduce poor choices and increase positive experiences. She is dedicated to helping people recognize their true value and maximize their talents and skills. Traveling worldwide with her workshops, lectures and guest appearances, she is the author of her newly released book "Divine Design - How You Created The Life You Are Living"


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