Supervisor Daly investigated over residence


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San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly says everything he does is scrutinized and hyped -- in his words, "there are a lot of Daly haters out there." So he is trying to get out front on this, hoping to quickly resolve the issue.

Daly says he has nothing to hide. In fact, he has things to show -- Daly hand delivered documents to the City Attorney's Office, which he says prove he lives in the city.

"That where I live, where my tax returns are filed, the address on my driver's license, the property tax exemption," said Daly.

Daly disclosed last week that he and his wife have purchased two homes in the city of Fairfield to be closer to her parents. They're renting one out and she and their children are living in the other. The supervisor says he still lives in the family's condo in the Mission District along with three roommates.

"Most of my clothes are in my closet, some of the clothes are on the floor," said Daly.

He's invited a city investigator to come see for himself and that could very well be part of the investigation.

"This is something where there are enough questions that the city attorney should look at both the law and the facts," said the City Attorney's Spokesperson Matt Dorsey.

More than just a legal question, this is a political controversy for Daly. He's known as a passionate advocate for low-income residents and critics say it's at the expense of the city and district's middle class.

"It's insulting a bit. Maybe he has family reasons for it, I don't know. I question how much he'll be able to be in the district when his family is elsewhere," said District 6 resident Kelly Alberta.

Other Daly constituents are OK with it.

"How does that work? He'll still be residing here, sleeping here? Well, that's between him and his family then," said District 6 resident Walter Weyerman.

"I don't think there's contradiction or hypocrisy. I think it's not on the talking points in terms of my political program," said Daly.

This question of residency is gaining so much attention because of former supervisor Ed Jew. You may recall he was forced to resign and faces jail time after admitting he lied about living in his district. Daly resents any comparisons, and hopes the investigation he's asked for will quickly clear his name.

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