What goes wrong with reality TV families?

What do John and Kate, Hulk Hogan and The Real Housewives all have in common? Their shows have become synonymous with divorce, infidelity and addiction. What goes wrong? Why are families still signing up for this opportunity when the outcome is seemingly inevitable? What affect does all of this have on the kids? Dr. Wade has insight and answers with the four things we can all do to strengthen our families and our finances. When we learn better, we can do better!

  1. Create a daily "landing time." This could be a meal or just a gathering to discuss your day or the week ahead. Since everything is energy, when people come together they gather strength from each other.

  2. Keep growing. Always keep your family engaged with books, games or films that convey positive messages of love, courage, empathy, etc.

  3. Create a family fun night every week. There is nothing like gathering with loved ones for the sole purpose of having fun! This strengthens bonds and releases tension.

  4. Create an uplifting practice. This could be engaging in a spiritual belief together of simply recognizing the things for which you are all thankful.

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About Dr. Brenda Wade:
Dr. Brenda Wade is a Relationship Expert for NBC's Today Show, and you can also catch her on shows like Oprah and Good Morning America. In addition to appearing on CNN and MSNBC as an internationally renowned Psychologist, you can also witness her hosting San Francisco Bay Area's Black Renaissance on the CW network. As a practicing psychologist in San Francisco, Dr. Wade serves as a local correspondent, discussing various health issues with Bay Area News Stations.

Dr. Wade is the producer and host of the PBS television pledge special Power Choices. She also had the honor of hosting the nationally syndicated television program, "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" -based on the 40-year-running editorial column of the same name in Ladies Home Journal.

The San Francisco Chronicle describes Dr. Wade's demeanor on the program as "...always knowledgeable, selectively tough or sympathetic." The Boston Globe stated Dr. Wade's manner on the show mixed with "...the magic of television, encouraged [people] to respond...," and that the show had an "odd integrity," not often viewed in a television talk show. Heartline Productions, Inc. was founded by Dr. Wade to produce quality media programs that focus on holistic transformation.

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