Make personalized jewelry with your kids

Personalized children's bracelets and anklets:

  1. Fold 36" of beading wire (such as AccuFlex or SoftFlex) in half and secure the clasp in place with a crimp bead.

  2. Select your first bead and slide it over both strands of wire

  3. Split the strands of wire in two and add three beads to each strand

  4. "Criss cross" the wire through one single bead keeping the tips of the wire strands even and slide the bead down both strands of wire

  5. Split the strand in two and continue adding three beads to each side and then criss cross them through the single bead until you have created a bracelet, necklace or anklet of your desired length.

  6. Crimp the second side onto the clasp to complete
About "Dragonfly Designs, Jewelry with a Conscience":
Dragonfly Designs, Jewelry with a Conscience, creates exquisite, custom jewelry pieces and collections, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Each piece of personalized jewelry is lovingly designed and made by hand in the United States using the highest-quality silver, gold, cultured pearl, crystal, and semi-precious stones. Each piece of jewelry is customizable. Customize the jewelry color, length, size, stones or crystals to your personal specifications. Personalized name jewelry is also available.

The 17th Annual Burlingame Art & Jazz Festival:
A fabulous annual event featuring over 150 artists, fine art, sculptures, ceramics, crafts, jewelry, specialty clothing, delicious gourmet foods, a home and garden area, and an entertaining children's play area. Burlingame Avenue, located in the heart of the village-like downtown area of Burlingame, California, is 15 minutes south of San Francisco in San Mateo County. Take Caltrain to the Burlingame Train Station, or take advantage of convenient public parking.

Saturday, August 8th
Sunday, August 9th
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To learn more visit or contact Georgette Naylor at 650.344.1735.

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