Dress up your boring white plates


  • Don't be afraid of mixing up different textures -- too much matching is boring and not very fun.

  • Use fresh flowers with boldness-- add veggies with your flowers for an extra pop. Rethink anything traditional.

  • Give your place settings some "wow" with non-traditional name cards or individual flower arrangements.

  • Use lots of candles, at different heights, mixed with fresh flowers.

  • Mix different sizes and shapes of vases and just add one or two blooms in each for a quick bold statement.

  • Invest in inexpensive, but durable vinyl placemats. No ironing needed, just wipe off and store.

  • Find unusual cloth napkins with great colors and textures. Think about using tea towels for messy guests or extra messy menus.

  • Search your house for items that can be reused and repurposed to fit your table theme.
Nathan has always been a design obsessed person. "It's not about status pieces", says Nathan. "It's about style, flare and having fun. Everyone deserves to use and be surrounded by beautifully designed objects that are affordable and well made. These objects should be usable, comfortable, casual ... but look really good."

Nathan's background has always been in design, in many different disciplines over the years. But, his biggest goal and dream was to own his very own store that would showcase his favorite designers and manufacturers. He founded the store in 2006.

Nathan & Co is located on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. They specialize in modern and fun accessories for the home and garden. You'll find unique and unusual pieces that will express your personality and style. Nathan & Co is full of lamps, wall art, table linens and furniture to gifts for babies, new moms or even the design loving canine in your life. Although there's a vast selection of different products - one thing is always in common ... great design.
Website: http://www.nathanandco.com

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