Couple networks during U.S. ballpark tour


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Their journey brought them to the Giants ball park in San Francisco.

AT&T Park often impresses, but it means a lot coming from these fans, who are measuring it against 17 other stadiums.

"San Francisco is high on our list. Great city, great ballpark, great team," said Roberto Coquis.

Coquis and Judy Pino both got laid off from their government jobs in Washington D.C in January. When they had trouble landing new ones, they hatched quite a unique plan.

"He said you know what let's regroup how about going to all 30 major ballparks this summer," said Pino.

So they grabbed their then three-month-old daughter Sophia, hopped into their SUV and started a networking journey they call 30 ballparks and a baby.

They hand out their contact information to people who are curious about what they're doing.

They have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and journal the trip on their website. They think the experiences they've had actually strengthen their resumes.

"The journey has been great," said Coquis.

San Francisco's AT&T Park was stadium number 18 and little Sophia seemed to like it. Her parents say she has been a super easy going traveler, even when the dangers of the road have popped up.

"We're going to need to put an umpire outfit on her," said Pino.

Coquis and Pino say they've received a few calls from people they've met along the way about job opportunities and they'll get to that. But first, they've got 12 more stadiums to visit.

"This is something we put our minds to and we're going to finish it off," said Coquis.

After all, isn't that the kind of determination that employers look for when they're hiring?

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