Effective body language for landing a job

About Karen Kelly & Michael Willson | authors of "Job Interview Body Language: Win the Job with S-I-M-P-LE Strategies"
Mike and Karen each have more than 20 years experience as corporate trainers and presenters. As well-respected instructors, they have taught a wide variety of life-improving topics both in the United States and abroad. Discovering a mutual interest in the subject of body language, they have expanded their training and are now offering others a unique advantage in a competitive business world.

In the entrepreneurial spirit, each had individually developed and operated their own successful companies prior to joining forces and creating Willson-Kelly Presentations. Then, as now, Mike and Karen thrived upon helping their clients live better lives. With today's poor economy and business being tougher than ever, Mike and Karen are excited to teach others how to improve their chances of succeeding in every area of their lives through the use of body language.

According to the New York Times, 5 million Americans are currently jobless. With so many Americans looking for work, the competition for jobs is fierce. Today's job applicant is going to need to pull out all the stops. There are countless books and online sites to help the job seeker prepare for the job interview. But Job Interview Body Language offers something different. What makes this book unique is that, while it covers the expected topics (making a good first impression, proper attire, etc.) it explores some new and vital information - body language for the job interview.

Like most body language experts, authors Mike Willson and Karen Kelly from Willson-Kelly Presentations, believe the majority of communication between humans is received non-verbally. You may look the part and say the right words, but your body language may be sending the wrong messages. Learning to use effective body language during a job interview may be the secret strategy you need.

Recently, Willson-Kelly Presentations shared their body language interview strategy with a group of Foothill College graduates in Los Altos, CA. The students thought the information was "very helpful and interesting", "relevant", "fun and informative", and "eye opening." These new job seekers were eager to learn more by reading the book available through amazon.com.

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