Missing boy's foster dad sent angry text


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Police are looking at angry text messages they say Louis Ross sent about 5-year-old /*Hasanni Campbell*/, before he was reported missing 10 days ago in Oakland.

A search warrant reveals that when police searched the Fremont home of Campbell's foster parents, they recovered latex gloves, DNA samples, some fingerprints and cell phone records.

The warrant says records from Ross' cell phone revealed "a relationship that appeared to have some instances of domestic violence."

Ross says he has never abused his fiancée Jennifer Campbell, who is also Hasanni's aunt.

Rodd told ABC7, investigators kept pushing towards that conclusion during their interviews.

"They were trying to say that, they even told me that, 'So you're very emotional, aren't you, you must have got to the point where you just snapped,'" Ross said.

Investigators also revealed that Ross sent a text message to Campbell on July 31 that read, "This is f***ing over, I will watch her but he will be out on the BART and it's your responsibility to hey (sic) him so f*** you." (The text is believed to be about Hasanni and his 1-year-old sister.)

Ross says they were talking heatedly about a previous argument terminating their relationship and it had nothing to do with harming Hasanni.

"I said, 'this is over,' I was ending the relationship, completely; this wasn't about me getting rid of Hasanni," Ross said.

Investigators also said in the affidavit that "Ross voiced some misgivings about caring for a developmentally disabled child."

Campbell and Ross say that is rubbish.

"There was no conversation we ever had, either verbal or text message at all," Campbell said.

"Saying that we had misgivings," Ross added. "Every child in every home has their issues."

Earlier on Thursday, Hasanni's biological mother, grandmother and aunt read over the court documents. Trinity Schwabacher says she believes Ross had no role in her nephew's disappearance.

"I think he was just angry and he said a few things that he regretted. You know when you're angry you say things but then you regret them later," said Schwabacher.

As for Hasanni's mother, Shemika Campbell, she says her only focus is to find her son.

"I have no feelings right now. I'm pretty much in shock. I really want Hasanni home and I really miss him. Please bring him home," said Campbell.

A published report also says the Ross failed a polygraph test, but Ross told ABC7 that after the test, the administrators told him that he was 99 percent receptive so he is unsure what the report is about.

Ross and Campbell agreed to be interviewed by ABC7 because, they said, they want to dispel all the rumors so the public will refocus on the efforts to find Hasanni.

People with information on the case should call the Oakland Police Department or Crime Stoppers at (510) 777-8572 or (510) 777-3211.

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